Climate Strategy

A direct and indirect effect on the CO² emission level is made by the development, planning and implementation of future-oriented projects and by the evaluation and implementation of measures concerning the continuous reduction of energy consumption in existing buildings – by means of structural measures and by lowering the share of non-renewable resources in overall energy consumption. In this regard, Allreal contributes toward achieving the reduction targets as defined in the Paris Agreement and ratified by Switzerland. 


Total consumption per year

Number yield-producing buildings5956
Total lettable space in m²759 298692 052
Average lettable space per building in m²12 86912 358
General Electricity in kWh15 652 92916 954 864
Heating in kWh59 509 15155 844 584
72 799 448
Water consumption in m3454 147414 438



Average water consumption of the buildings included

General Electricity in kWh20.624.5
Heating in kWh78.480.7
Water consumption in l598599