Energy balance of income-producing real estate (Kopie 1)

In terms of operating and maintaining its own income-producing real estate, Allreal endeavours to keep the strain on the environment as low as possible. For its income-producing properties, the company measures and analyses energy and water consumption based on the internationally accepted recommendations of the European Public Real Estate Association EPRA. The data systematically gathered for the first time in 2012 provides an inventory of the current status, and a multi-year comparison is of relevance for the definition, implementation and control of sustainable measures taken in order to lower energy consumption and the connected reduction of pollutant emission.

The calculation of energy and water consumption takes into consideration income-producing properties for which the necessary information is available across a twelve-month accounting period. In the 2016 financial year, this applies to 18 residential properties at a total market value of CHF 758 million and 37 commercial properties at a total market value of CHF 2536 million (2015: 14 residential / 35 commercial properties). Comparability is, however, restricted as both the composition of the portfolio and the parameters differ from year to year.

Total energy consumption (electricity and heating) of the surveyed properties in the year under review amounted to 72.7 million kilowatt-hours, corresponding to an average consumption per square metre of 104.1 kilowatt-hours (2015: 62.7 million kWh / 110.9 kWh). These values correspond to a CO2 equivalent of in total 19 903 tons or 28.7 kilograms per square metre (2015: 16 830 t / 29.7 kg). The reduction of total energy consumption was due on the one hand to the new properties included in the portfolio and on the other to the refurbishment and modernisation of yield-producing properties.

Water consumption of the surveyed properties amounted to 383 801 cubic metres corresponding to a clearly lower average consumption per square metre compared to the previous year of 554 litres (2015: 373 026 m2 / 657 l).


Energy mix in kWh

20 residential buildings
Market value CHF 818.4 million

  • Natural gas (62%)
  • District heating (19%)
  • General electricity (10%)
  • Woodchip (5%)
  • Heating oil (4%)
  • Heat pump electricity (< 1%)



Energy mix in kWh

35 commercial buildings
Market value CHF 2 682.9 million

  • District heating (40%)
  • General electricity (27%)
  • Natural gas (24%)
  • Heating oil (8%)
  • Heat pump electricity (1%)