Model projects

Bommert residential complex: In Widnau in canton St. Gallen, Allreal completed the Bommert residential complex between 2012 and 2013 for a private owner on land measuring 11,000 square metres. The project represents a construction sum of about CHF 25 million and includes 6 flat buildings comprising a total of 63 rental units. Compliance with the Minergie-P-Eco standard ensures ecological execution and additional energy savings compared with the Minergie standard. Bommert was the first large residential project in eastern Switzerland to comply with the Minergie-P-Eco standard.


Bruggächer residential ownership: The Bruggächer project in Mönchaltorf in canton Zurich was transferred to Allreal’s own portfolio. It represents a residential complex complying with the Minergie-A standard. The project was constructed in spring 2012 on land from Allreal’s portfolio, represents a construction volume of some CHF 44 million and comprises 9 flat buildings with a total of 50 condominiums in the medium to higher price range. Sale of the units included in this innovative complex and ready for occupation in 2014 is very encouraging.


Sihlfeld residential complex: Allreal renovated and refurbished a cooperative residential complex comprising 132 units for ABZ Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich. The complex was originally completed between 1927 and 1929. In addition to the complete refurbishment of the residential units taking into consideration aspects of historic preservation, the project included rectification of construction defects, joining of individual units to create larger flats suited for occupation by families, the creation of additional residential space by adding an extra floor, and the inclusion of five lift shafts. In order to reduce energy consumption, the individual buildings were insulated and two heating plants installed for use of geothermal energy. The entire contract volume of the demanding refurbishment project amounted to about CHF 25 million. In 2012 the City of Zurich conferred an award for socially compatible refurbishment to the Sihlfeld residential complex.


Bellerivestrasse office building: the successfully completed refurbishment of the office block constructed in Zurich in the 1970s provided an opportunity to re-design the building’s heating system. Thanks to high-performance heat pumps, fossil fuels are no longer required for water and ambient heating. Moreover, replacement of the antiquated pneumatic heat regulation system by means of a modern control unit with intelligent field devices considerably improved the building’s energy efficiency.

As the new water processing plant makes use of water from Lake Zurich and operates without large sand and active-carbon filter tanks, toxic chemicals are no longer required. In the first six months after the new plant was put into operation, the use of fuel and chemicals decreased considerably: heating oil by more than 15,000 litres, sodium base liquor by 400 kg, and sodium chloride by 400 kg.


Lilienthal-Boulevard office building: Allreal is constructing a six-storey office complex with 12,400 square metres of floor space for its own portfolio in the Glattpark development site in Opfikon near Zurich. In addition to office space, the ground floor includes meeting rooms and a cafeteria. The office building complies with the Minergie standard and is heated by means of district heating. Completion of the building and reclassification to Allreal’s portfolio of income-producing real estate is scheduled for summer 2014. A rental agreement for about half of the useful space was signed mid-2013 with the Mondel?z International food company. The company, which until 2012 operated as Kraft Foods, has been leasing space in a neighbouring office building since 2007. This commercial building was also developed by Allreal and constructed in accordance with the Minergie standard; it provides space for 600 employees on six full and one penthouse floor. The representative building was the first one to be completed on the Glattpark site bordering on the city of Zurich and triggered the dynamic planning and construction activity seen on the site.


Trigenius residential complex: In Bottmingen, canton Basel-Country, Allreal in 2013 began construction of a residential complex for Nationale Suisse insurance company. The project includes three three-storey buildings comprising a total of 58 residential units and an underground car park for 95 motor vehicles. The project complies with the Minergie standard; it provides access to district heating and includes comfort ventilation. In addition, great importance was attached to easy handicap access in the three blocks, one of which was designed to meet the special needs of senior citizens.


Richti Wallisellen complex: This complex in central Wallisellen, which is located between Zurich Airport and Zurich city centre, provides space for 500 rental and condominium apartments and more than 3,000 work stations. A two-and-a-half year planning and development phase based on sustainability and in close cooperation with the local authorities preceded the construction start in February 2010. Thanks to special consideration given to ecological aspects, Richti Wallisellen is acknowledged as the first site development in Switzerland to comply with the requirements of the 2000-watt society. The energy system takes advantage of geothermal energy supplied carbon-free to the 72,000 square-metre site. The core of the concept is a 7,000 square meter geothermal loop allowing for an 80-percent reduction of energy consumption. The six six-storey buildings were all designed and constructed in accordance with the Minergie standard. The knowledge and experience gained from reviewing the criteria applied to sustained construction of Richti Wallisellen today serve as the official basis for granting 2000-watt certificates. Professional circles respect Richti Wallisellen as a key example of sustained site development and the public consider it trend-setting in urban development.