Details of the share and distribution to shareholders

In 2017, an overall performance of 12.7% was achieved with the Allreal share, based on the market price of 31 December 2017. This performance comprises the increase in share price (8.9%) and the distribution to shareholders 3.8%.

In the past three years, investors obtained an annualised overall performance of 1.5% (2015), 17.5% (2016) and 12.7% (2017) with the Allreal share, corresponding to an average constant return of 11.5% p.a.

On 31 December 2017, the Allreal Group’s market capitalisation stood at CHF 2622.5 million. As at the balance sheet date, consolidated equity came to CHF 2150.7 million, resulting in a premium (difference between the market price and equity per share) of 21.9% (31.12.2016: 15.5%).

The Board of Directors will propose to the annual general meeting of 20 April 2018 an unchanged distribution of CHF 6.25 per registered share in the form of a par value reduction.

The distribution amounts to 98.7% of the Real Estate division’s operating net profit excl. profit from revaluation effect, corresponding to a cash yield of 3.8%, based on the closing price of the registered share on 31 December 2017.

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Share price (indexed)
January 2017–December 2017

Key share data

Issued share capital on 31 DecemberCHF million797.1797.1
Approved capital on 31 DecemberCHF million50.050.0
Conditional capital on 31 DecemberCHF million134.8134.8
Issued shares on 31 Decembernumber15 942 82115 942 821
Treasury shares on 31 Decembernumber29 52812 000
Outstanding shares on 31 December (1)number15 913 29315 930 821
Annual average of outstanding shares (2)number15 928 87415 928 818
Market price highCHF187.80152.10
Market price lowCHF146.80128.20
Market price on 31 December (tax value)CHF164.80151.30
Market capitalisation on 31 December (3)CHF million2 622.52 410.3
Average trading volume per day
number of shares25 76613 386

(1) Number of shares issued minus treasury shares
(2) Average number of outstanding shares calculated according to IAS 33
(3) Market price on 31 December multiplied by number of outstanding shares on 31 December

Share statistics

Share typeRegistered share
Par value per shareCHF 50
Securities number883 756
ISIN CH0008837566
Bloomberg ALLN SW
ReutersALLN. S
Ex date 3. Juli 2018
Record date4. Juli 2018
Payment date5. Juli 2018

Shareholder structure as at 31 December 2017

Number of sharesNumber of shareholdersNumber of sharesin %
>478 284 shares(>3%)64 515 45128.4
100 001–478 284 shares183 318 79820.8
10 001–100 000 shares1093 017 97918.9
1 001–10 000 shares3831 022 2266.4
1–1 000 shares2 473559 2393.5
Not registered3 509 12822.0

46.6% of the share capital is owned by pension funds and insurance companies and 7.9% by natural persons. A further 23.5% is owned by other legal entities as well as investment funds, foundations and banks. 22.0% of the share capital has not been submitted for registration in the share register. Foreign investors own 8.2% (registered shares).

Significant shareholders

As at 31 December, the following shareholders were entered in the share register of Allreal Holding AG as having a shareholding (direct and/or indirect) which exceeds a threshold of 3% (“Significant shareholders”):
Helvetia Group, St. Gallen (1) 10.6%10.0%
PKE-CPE Pension Foundation, Zurich4.3%3.3%
Swiss Mobiliar Group, Bern (2)3.8%3.8%
GastroSocial Pension Fund, Aarau3.4%3.4%
Pension Fund Rheinmetall, Zurich3.2%3.8%
Pension Fund of the canton of Basel-Landschaft, Liestal3.1%3.1%
BlackRock Inc., USA-New York> 3%-

(1) Holding via wholly owned subsidiaries Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd, Basel, and Helvetia Holdings AG, St. Gallen
(2) Holding via wholly owned subsidiaries Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd, Bern, Swiss Mobiliar Life Insurance Company, Nyon, Swiss Mobiliar Asset Management Ltd, Bern, Protekta Legal Protection Insurance Ltd, Bern, and the Pension Fund of the Employees of Swiss Mobiliar Group, Bern