Real Estate

Portfolio Management

Management and development of a stable-income real estate portfolio consisting of office buildings and residential properties located in Switzerland’s business centres. Buying of individual properties or real estate portfolios subsequently optimised for profit potential and either kept or sold, depending on the aim and market situation.

Real Estate Management

Hammer Retex, a fully owned subsidiary, manages a part of Allreal’s portfolio and also offers services to outside customers.

Sales and Contracting

Further activities include the sale of residential property from own development and realisation and providing advice for private individuals, companies and institutional investors concerning real estate transactions.


Regional distribution of commercial and residential properties

in percent of market value as at 31 December 2016

  • City of Zurich 52.3%
  • Canton of Zurich 36.5%
  • Other regions 11.2%



Breakdown of commercial and residential properties by usage

in percent of target rental income 2016

  • Office and services 56%
  • Residential 22%
  • Trade/warehousing 7%
  • Parking 7%
  • Sales 5%
  • Other 3%



Breakdown of tenants of commercial real estate

in percent of rental income 2016

  • Largest tenant 18.1%
  • Second and third largest tenants 14.7%
  • Fourth and fifth largest tenants 12.2%
  • Sixth to tenth largest tenants 14.4%
  • Others 40.6%



Residential real estate

Apartment mix by size of apartment by 31. December 2016

  • 1½ rooms 4.7%
  • 2½ rooms 20.3%
  • 3½ rooms 39.5%
  • 4½ rooms 28.1%
  • 5 rooms 7.4%



Income from income-producing properties

CHF million


Cumulative vacancy rate yield-producing properties

in percent of target rental income