Reporting breach

The Allreal Code of Conduct describes the conduct expected of all employees.

It is mandatory to report known or suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct and/or of applicable legislation.


Reporting breaches
Concrete indications of breaches of applicable legislation, internal guidelines and directives or the code of conduct must be reported. 

Via the link below, a report will be transmitted to the external Integrity Platform. All reports are transmitted via a secure server which neither records nor saves IP addresses, time or metadata. All information is encrypted and, therefore, there is no data that could connect the sender or his or her computer with the message. 

The message can be read only by the external lawyer of confidence. 

Report breach



Access answer
The answer to a report can be accessed by means of the report number and password via the following link: 

Access answer



Independent external office 
Reporting breaches and providing pointers can be made in writing or directly to the independent external office: 

Lic. Iur. Oscar Amstad
Ruoss Vögele Rechstanwälte
Kreuzstrasse 54
8032 Zürich

Lic. iur. Oscar Amstad acts as Allreal’s independent external office. He is not authorised to forward clues – even if anonymised – without the agreement of the reporting Allreal employee. 

The lawyer of confidence will forward information only once the reporting Allreal employee expressly authorises him.


Integrity Plattform
The Integrity Platform is run by Integrity Line GmbH ( All reports pass through the company’s secure servers and not through Allreal’s server. Integrity Line thus guarantees the anonymity of the reporting Allreal employee. When using the Integrity Platform, neither IP address, nor time or metadata are recorded or saved. All data is encrypted. Consequently, there is no information that could connect a reporting employee or his or her computer with the Integrity Platform. Reporting employees will therefore remain anonymous in all cases.