Investment Committee

The Investment Committee deals with all Board matters relating to the purchase and sale of investment and development properties, the definition of lease conditions for yield-producing properties and tendering for third-party projects of Projects & Development.

In addition, the Investment Committee comments on business and transactions that are directly assigned to the Board of Directors. Under its own authority, the Investment Committee makes final decisions on matters that are assigned to it according to the definition of the areas of responsibility. It is made up of Jürg Stöckli (Chairman), Ralph-Thomas Honegger (member), Olivier Steimer (member) and Anja Wyden Guelpa (member). Meetings are attended by the CEO and, depending on the matter at hand, other members of Group Management.

Five meetings were held in 2022, lasting around five hours altogether. The Committee analysed the half-yearly valuation results submitted by the external property valuer and dealt with several Group Management proposals. The meetings were attended by all Committee members for the full duration.