Nomination and Compensation Committee

The Nomination and Compensation Committee supports the Board of Directors with regard to the selection, compensation and training of the members of the Board of Directors and Group Management.

Its tasks include managing the selection process for members of the Board of Directors and Group Management and the resulting submission of proposals to the Board of Directors. In respect of Group Management, this also extends to the approval of key conditions of the contracts of employment.

Its other tasks include succession planning at the most senior level of management, monitoring management training and reviewing and approving the salary policy suggested by the CEO.

The annual general meeting appointed Andrea Sieber (Chairwoman), Philipp Gmür (member) and Peter Spuhler (member) to the Nomination and Compensation Committee. Meetings are attended by the CEO.

The Nomination and Compensation Committee held two meetings in 2020. Both meetings lasted one hour and were attended by all Committee members for the full duration. These meetings were essentially concerned with the recruitment and appointment of the Head of Realisation as a new member of Group Management, with wage policy for the entire company, the examination and discussion of the remuneration system and the remuneration components of the Board of Directors, the Board committees and Group Management, the examination and discussion of target achievement in relation to Group Management’s variable remuneration, preparation of the remuneration proposals to the full Board of Directors and the periodic review and assessment of questions of succession planning and gender distribution in the most senior management committees (diversity).