What we have to offer – your future terms of employment

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“I would describe my employer as excellent to my family and friends.”

(87% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

Here at Allreal, we strive to work on the basis of long-lasting and fair partnerships. And this is reflected by the fact that the average length of service among our employees is over six years, which is high compared to the industry standard.

It’s so valuable to have experience within a team, but there are still always more things to learn and new ways to develop. We know that new employees bring fresh perspectives and ideas, which is why we are grateful for every job application we receive.

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“I am offered training and support to further my professional development.”

(82% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

Continuing professional development – on and off the job – is a priority here at Allreal for all our staff regardless of what job they do and what stage they’re at in their career. It goes without saying that we cover the costs for any training in full. And we also allow our employees to use working hours for their training and development. In return, employees commit to staying with us for up to two years once costs exceed CHF 10,000.

We arrange internal events, training sessions and seminars, including project manager and site manager days, presentations by specialists and language courses. This provides plenty of opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise internally.

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“We have excellent employee benefits.”

(94% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

Allreal pays all its full-time and part-time employees a fair salary no matter what. And our in-depth equal pay study has revealed that there’s no sign of a gender pay gap here.

Other benefits:

  • Attractive pension arrangements: temporary waiver of contributions, high interest rate on savings, above-average pension benefits
  • Full payment of premiums for non-occupational accident insurance, supplementary accident insurance and sick leave insurance
  • Full salary payments for employees on sick, accident or parental leave (for 16 weeks for maternity leave)
  • Subsidised staff cafeteria at the head office on Glattpark with free coffee and mineral water
  • Tax-neutral expense allowance (for some positions)

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“Our building and facilities make Allreal a nice place to work.”

(85% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

An agile workplace concept creates a positive environment in the office. Everyone needs their own personal workspace and somewhere quiet where they can get their head down when they need to really concentrate. Employees can also make the most of the collaborative working zones available. Everyone has the flexibility to choose where they want and need to work depending on what’s on their schedule for the day.

Even better – height-adjustable desks and two screens are the standard set-up at Allreal. And everyone is provided with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone they can use at no cost to them.

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“I can take time off when I feel it is necessary.”

(83% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

You can only perform at your best if you take the breaks your mind and body need. That’s why everyone who works at Allreal is allocated at least five weeks of annual leave. Our model based on working a set number of hours over the year also routinely gives employees six days off over the Christmas and New Year period.

Longer periods away from work can be requested as unpaid leave. With the proper forward planning, we can always find a positive solution to suit each individual situation.

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“I have access to the tools and equipment I need to do my job well.”

(82% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

On top of the ultra-modern workspace, Allreal offers various mobility options to help its employees with their commute. Free parking space or public transport season ticket? Everyone who works at Allreal can choose the best option for them.

Employees can take their pick between a season ticket to travel in standard class on public transport or a free parking space at the office. We know that circumstances change, so everyone has the option to reassess their choice of commute on an annual basis.

Sustainability is one of our company’s core values. That’s why we have five electric vehicles available at our head office on Glattpark for employees to use for any work-related travel at no cost to them. This is a popular option!

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“Employees like coming to work here.”

(81% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

We love that our employees like coming to work but we do also give them the option of working from home. And more than 60% of our employees take us up on that offer.

With a few exceptions, the working from home option is open to all for up to one whole day a week from Monday to Thursday. This can be a fixed or flexible arrangement.

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“We value people thinking outside the box and trying to improve things – even when it doesn’t work out.”

(59% of people who responded to our GPTW survey agreed)

We accept that not everything at Allreal is perfect. But we’re always willing to evolve, adapt and improve.


Andrea Stadelmann
Recruitment Consultant
Tel. +41 44 319 12 43