Mailing of Invitation to 21st Annual General Meeting of Allreal Holding AG

Zurich, 30 March 2020: By means of today’s mailing of the invitation to Allreal Holding AG’s 21st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders the Board of Directors determines that the General Meeting shall proceed on 24 April 2020 without the physical presence of the shareholders.

The proposals of the Board of Directors to the shareholders include the following agenda items:

  • Management report, annual accounts and 2019 consolidated financial statements
  • Appropriation of 2019 profit and distribution to shareholders of CHF 6.75 in total per registered share
  • Discharge of members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • Re-election of all members of the Board of Directors
  • Re-election of all members of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the independent voting proxy and the auditors
  • Remuneration
  • Changes in statutes

Shareholders can execute their voting rights only and mandatorily via the voting proxy.

Furthermore, based on the COVID-19 pandemic, the company took the necessary measures to maintain Allreal’s very good cash position and financial situation.

Although business activities have developed within the parameters of the estimated operational results until the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, possible effects on the continued course of business, such as potential loss of rental income, deadline delays concerning construction projects or interruptions of supply chains, cannot be assessed at the present moment. Considering the large insecurities, Allreal refrains from making any predictions concerning the result for the 2020 financial year.


For further information:

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The Allreal Group
Allreal combines a stable-income real estate portfolio with the activities of a general contractor (development and realisation). The value of the real estate portfolio amounts to CHF 4.53 billion. In fiscal 2020, the project volume effectively handled amounted to CHF 363 million. Allreal employs more than 200 people in Zurich, Basel and Berne. Allreal’s operational headquarters is located at Glattpark. The company operates in Switzerland only. Allreal Holding AG is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.