Allreal can be relied upon to digitalise projects quickly while building value

Allreal has been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) since 2018 to increase efficiency along the entire property value chain – from planning and realisation to management. Allreal has used the method without fail for the planning and realisation of all its own new-build projects since 2020. Developers for third-party projects also benefit from the knowledge Allreal builds up by working on its own projects in this way.


Core competencies in BIM:

  • Support with the digital restructuring of an analogue building project
  • Access to the wide Allreal network with guidance, advice and a choice of specialist planners
  • Definition of project-focused standards for the subsequent management of a property
  • Creation of digital schedules, model-based cost overviews and building documentation covering every phase of construction


The specialists at Allreal define the complex collaboration and modelling structures to fit the developer’s requirements. Approvals throughout the creation process are coordinated between all the planners involved and updated on an ongoing basis.

Allreal also uses BIM to help developers optimise and simplify the future maintenance of a property. The BIM model and digital facility management are at the heart of this.

The costs of a detailed BIM model only amount to around 1% of the construction sum on average in Allreal’s experience, which is more than made up for during a property’s entire life cycle.

Benefits of BIM along the value chain:

  • More effective communication and fewer mistakes and ambiguities through the use of digital building models in all phases of a project
  • Improved transparency in all phases of a project
  • Structured collaboration with the involvement of the relevant planners and contractors
  • Quick decision-making
  • Quality assurance as a result of the project requirements being measurable and the project goals being continuously reviewed
  • Comparison and analysis of digital building models to assess the split between opportunities and risks involved with data-based project management
  • Clear depictions of a property accessible directly from the BIM model for use in marketing
  • Facility management requirements can be considered as early as the planning and execution phases, ensuring that all the necessary building information is available to real estate managers and operating companies responsible for real estate management later down the line


Allreal uses multiple digital platforms for its daily BIM work. This is the company’s way of ensuring that everyone involved can work with their preferred solution.


Matthias Spiss
BIM Team Leader
Tel. +41 44 319 12 84

Laurent Martini
Surveyor and BIM Coordinator
Tel. +41 22 929 90 07


BIM in action - Bellerivestrasse 36

BIM in action – Letzi Turm