Site development

Allreal develops projects of varying degrees of complexity and scale. One of our core competencies is site development. It is particularly important to us to maintain a constant dialogue with all stakeholder groups, to maintain a high standard of architecture and to ensure the quality of stay and living on the site. 

Bülachguss – A new lease of life for Bülach-Nord

In the north of Bülach ZH, we developed and built an area with multiple uses with 490 rental apartments and condominiums alongside office and commercial spaces on a former industrial site with an area of around 55,300 square metres. The majority of the project was sold to an institutional investor. The total investment volume amounted to around CHF 310 million. The residential and commercial complex was completed between 2016 and 2019. 

Step-by-step approach to ensure high urban planning quality

The cessation of industrial activity on the site near Bülach railway station in 2002 paved the way for its later redevelopment. After drawing up a model for the development of the Bülach-Nord area in 2004, the city commissioned a test plan for the urban development of the area in 2010. In 2011, Allreal acquired the two plots of land on the former Bülachguss site where the new district was being built.

In order to realise a high-quality architectural and urban planning project, we initiated an urban planning study contract for the site in 2013, to which several renowned architecture firms were invited. The winning design was by the well-known Basel-based architecture firm Diener & Diener, which we further refined in terms of access, outdoor spaces, mix of uses and building heights.

A public design plan for the Bülach Nord area formed the basis for Allreal’s private design plan, which was approved in 2016.

Project studies for eight construction areas

We divided the main area into eight construction areas, one of which was not part of the design perimeter and was therefore planned and realised independently of the rest. For all areas, we once again carried out project studies with various architecture firms. In this way, we ensured that each section of the site retained its own identity, creating a lively district with a high quality of stay. 

Ongoing cooperation with the authorities as a guarantee of success

We sought constant dialogue with the city of Bülach, both in the early phase of the project and in its subsequent implementation. Although the involved parties did not always agree in discussions on implementation, focussed discussions, consultations and negotiations were carried out so that all parties were more than satisfied with the end result. 

In Bülach Nord, a piece of town history was written with the Bülachguss project. The site we developed and built marked the start of further modernisation of the area. Today, several thousand people live and work in the north of Bülach, making it one of the ten most populous towns in the canton of Zurich.

Realisation of the new district 

The rental apartments on Fangletenstrasse were not located within the perimeter with mandatory design plans. They were therefore realised independently of the main site from October 2016 to December 2018. The properties have been part of our portfolio since they were completed.

The construction of all new rental apartments and condominiums as well as the conversion of the industrial building into a commercial building on the main site was completed in stages from autumn 2017 to the end of 2019.

Since June 2017, the town of Bülach has also owned 3,720 square metres of land on the Guss site. In November 2023, the city’s voters approved a building loan of CHF 32 million for a school building. Allreal is implementing the project as a full-service provider.

Project overview as PDF (in german)