We have been successfully realising construction projects for around 50 years. Whether new builds, renovations or refurbishments, we implement complex projects competently, with dedication and reliability. If desired, we can also take care of fitting out their premises for commercial tenants. We plan, sketch and manage the entire process: from the initial idea to moving in. We attach great importance to quality, transparency and teamwork. 

Thanks to their extensive experience, our project and construction teams adeptly identify potential for optimisation during the planning and construction process and implement this in dialogue with the clients. Our site managers ensure the required quality of workmanship – on-site, every day. This ensures maximum cost and effective planning. Our in-house department specialising in costing and scheduling ensures realistic timelines, budget compliance and reliable planning. We work with external clients on a variety of contract models, such as a cost ceiling with open billing or billing based on global or flat-rate prices.

Reliability with responsibility

We maintain long-term partnerships with external clients and value close collaboration on an equal footing. This is how we work together to ensure that our projects create lasting value. Realisation is also about responsibility towards people. The safety and health of the teams on the construction site are our top priority and are firmly anchored in our processes.

More efficient realisation thanks to BIM

To increase efficiency along the entire value chain of a building, we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) for in-house projects, so that project partners, architects and specialist planners work simultaneously on the same model. Customers also benefit from our BIM expertise. With the BIM model, we also provide a digital twin of their living spaces.

Carefully selected partners

We make no compromises when selecting subcontractors and suppliers. Strict criteria, the utmost care and clear processes are crucial. We demand a long track record in terms of quality and reliability. We ensure that our clients always benefit from the optimum cost-performance ratio by tendering services in a fair and disciplined manner. Requirements for subcontractors are clearly regulated and are strictly monitored and, if necessary, sanctioned. There is only one approach to violations of the law or our Code of Conduct: zero tolerance.

High service quality 

Wherever work is carried out, mistakes can happen – despite the utmost care. Our service organisation ensures that any defects that occur after handover of a completed project are rectified in a fast and straightforward manner. Thanks to stringent quality requirements and consistent monitoring of construction sites, our warranty expenses have fallen continuously in recent years.