BIM – part of the process

Digitalisation started making its mark on the construction and property industry a long time ago. So far, though, laptops and lasers have replaced pen and paper on a process-by-process basis. The priority now is linking up all the available information. Everyone is talking about BIM. It was never an option for Allreal to wait and see.

You need to have a thorough understanding of BIM if you’re going to get Matthias Spiss talking. The world revolves around plans, databases, tables and links for Allreal’s BIM Team Leader. He has been learning all about the technology for as long as it has been around. By building the BIM team, he has also been instrumental in ensuring the technology is used throughout the company. That makes it even harder to believe it when Spiss says in Tyrolean dialect that he doesn’t talk about BIM any more. “I don’t need to hear any more. For us, it has become an integral part of our day jobs – in much the same way that CAD has become the norm in drawing.”