Allreal acquires plots of land and properties with potential and is constantly developing its portfolio. With success, because we understand the craft of project management in all its facets. This is how we – together with partners – design innovative living and working spaces. Social. Conserving resources and with a strong sense of responsibility.

Real estate shapes public space. We live and work in it. Often for decades. When we develop real estate, we consider the needs of today’s society and take into account the concerns of future generations.

Our approximately 25-strong development team offers a comprehensive range of services from a single source and supports projects integrally, from acquisition and initial concept all the way to a build-ready project with long-term value creation. 

We realise in-house developed projects for our own portfolio, on behalf of third parties or for sale as condominiums. 

Our services in detail 

  • Location, market and needs analyses
  • Development and planning of investment properties for private and institutional investors
  • Development and planning of in-house projects for sale as condominiums
  • Provision of build-ready projects with sustainable returns

BIM already firmly anchored in project development

In order to increase efficiency along the entire value chain of a building, we consistently use the Building Information Model (BIM) for all in-house projects. And not just during realisation, but during project development. This allows project partners, architects and specialist planners to work hand in hand on the same model. 

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