Real Estate

We own a large portfolio of high-quality properties, including commercial properties in urban locations and residential properties in the metropolitan regions of Zurich and Lake Geneva. Our attractive portfolio provides living space for satisfied tenants, has an above-average vacancy rate and ensures solid returns. 

Around 50 property experts at Allreal are responsible for asset and portfolio management, initial and re-letting of residential and commercial space, maintenance of technical systems and upkeep and renovation of our properties. 

Active portfolio management with quality

Experienced portfolio managers take care of the optimal management of our property portfolio. We buy individual properties or entire portfolios, optimise earnings and costs and then hold or sell them – depending on the objective and market situation. Thanks to our high-quality portfolio, our shareholders benefit from a long-term investment with stable returns and protection against inflation.

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Strong building management for maintenance and operation

We actively take care of each individual property, day after day. This is how we maintain the long-term value of our properties. After all, the professional maintenance and operation of our properties are the be-all and end-all. Depending on the requirements, we also work with skilled external professionals and support tenants with technical expertise.

In dialogue with tenants

Around 20 employees personally take care of our tenants’ concerns, both large and small, as Allreal manages the majority of our portfolio itself. For some properties, an external management company helps us with the administrative side of property management. 

A selection from the Allreal portfolio