Richti site in Wallisellen ZH – Excellently developed district with mixed use

On the Richti site in Wallisellen ZH, Allreal has developed and realised a district with 499 rental apartments and condominiums, over 3,500 workplaces and commercial space on the ground floors. Completed in 2014, the project meets the requirements of the vision of a 2000-Watt society. It comprises an office tower, two office buildings, a residential and commercial building and three residential buildings. 

Careful development and planning 

The property was used industrially until 1989 and was subsequently abandoned. The entire site has been owned by Allreal since 2007. After numerous usage and project ideas for the plot put forward by various initiators failed at an early stage, Allreal carried out a test plan in summer 2007 with four renowned architecture firms. 

Representatives of the municipality, landowners and experts opted for the concept proposed by Milan-based architecture firm Studio di Architettura. Allreal then commissioned the office headed by Prof. Vittorio M. Lampugnani to further develop the urban design. The resulting reference project is part of a private design plan for the Richti site. This was necessary so that people could live on the property in addition to the already permitted uses – industry, services, commerce. 

Seven plots close the gap between the train station and the shopping centre

The reference project defined the division of the site into seven plots with a total buildable area of 64,500 square metres and a useful area of over 126,000 square metres. The reference project also defined the main types of use: residential (around 40%), services (around 50%) and commercial and retail (around 10%). Only 43% of the buildable area is to be used; 30% is to be allocated to green spaces and 27% to roads and public spaces. The reference project included six construction sites with generously designed, around 20-metre-high perimeter block buildings with five full floors and an attic floor, as well as a construction site an approximately 70-meter-high office tower. In addition to the reference project, the private design plan for the Richti site includes building regulations, an environmental impact report and a traffic concept. After review by the responsible offices and authorities, voters in the municipality of Wallisellen approved the Richti design plan by an overwhelming majority on 23 June 2009. 

An attractive district with excellent quality of life, work and leisure activities

The construction model in the reference project enabled the realisation of noise-protected inner courtyards as well as public spaces in the form of squares, arcades and residential streets. The phased construction work began in March 2010 and the final building was completed in September 2014.

A total of 299 condominiums were realised in the two residential complexes Konradhof and Escherhof. 189 rental apartments were built in the Favrehof and Ringhof buildings. The Ringhof also comprises around 4,800 square metres of commercial space on the upper floors. Allreal has created commercial and retail space on the ground floor of the lots. 

Outstandingly well-connected area 

A total of 1,200 parking spaces are available in several underground car parks for residents and more than 3,500 employees. Access to the parking spaces is provided exclusively via Richtiring and Industriestrasse, thus minimising motorised traffic in the district. A high-quality and quantitative network of roads and paths is available for slow traffic and pedestrians. The Richti site is excellently accessible by public transport – S-Bahn, bus, Glattalbahn – as well as by motorised private transport. Sustainability: Actions instead of words The development and planning of the new Richti district were carried out with special consideration of ecological aspects. Richti is the first site development in Switzerland to meet the requirements of the vision of the 2000-Watt Society. All seven buildings also meet the Minergie standard.

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