Quality management

Quality management is essential to the way we work and this is reflected by all our employees.


Allreal’s quality management system
Allreal’s quality management system has been developed consistently in line with the total quality management (TQM) approach. It has been based on process-oriented workflows ever since 1999. All leadership, value creation and support processes are brought together under one umbrella to ensure that Allreal can be a reliable partner to all its stakeholders.

Purpose of our management system
The management system helps Allreal to achieve its goals. This involves:

  • Meeting client requirements
  • Consistently providing its own services on a comparably high level
  • Ensuring that everyone involved delivers exactly what is expected of them without mistakes
  • Minimising risks for clients, employees, third parties and businesses
  • Systematically identifying potential for improvement and acting upon it

Project quality management
We generally use project quality management (PQM) when working on building projects in line with the developer’s requests and requirements.

PQM basically covers all aspects of a project (quality planning and assurance, quality of materials, quality of processing, building functionality, occupational health and safety, and the environment).

Building projects are more structured and easier to follow with PQM, meaning that everyone involved is on the same page. The benefits of this approach are that the risks involved with a project are minimised and the quality standards are maintained. Success comes in the form of increased satisfaction on the part of clients and users.

Workplace health and safety
Allreal takes the health, safety and well-being of its employees and partners very seriously. Work in the office and on the building site needs to be optimised without any accidents if sustainable value is to be built, after all. We take responsibility in this area and take every possible precaution to avoid accidents in the workplace and work-related illnesses.

Here at Allreal, we base our concept of health and safety in the workplace on an industry solution – EKAS Guidelines No 6508.

The concept sets out the basic safety standards in office spaces and on construction sites and lays down rules for working on building projects. Hazard identification, risk assessment and action planning undertaken in office spaces and on construction sites is documented. The concept also covers organisational processes and staff training and briefing.


Project organisation


Project goals achieved

Total contractor
– Planner, specialist
– Contractor

– User, operation

Third party










– In line with schedule
– In line with budget
– In line with quality standards

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