Consultancy and planning for tenant fit-outs in Allreal office and commercial spaces

Tenants in office and commercial spaces often find themselves faced with unexpected challenges after signing their rental agreement. On top of actually planning a tenant fit-out, they often have to deal with the planning permission process and complex clarifications surrounding regulatory standards and technical aspects inside the building.

Allreal provides a wide range of services for tenant fit-outs and renovations, taking care of everything from the initial needs assessment and planning through to the interior design and execution stage.

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • With one dedicated point of contact and efficient workflows within Allreal, effective communication is a given.
  • As the owner, Allreal knows the properties and surrounding areas inside out. This saves on the time and money spent at the project development stage and when performing building work inside the building.
  • As an experienced and reliable total contractor, Allreal promises high quality standards, realistic time frames, accurate costing and effective planning for building work.
  • In its dual role as a property portfolio manager and general contractor, Allreal is very familiar with the requirements of institutional and private tenants and developers.

Projects are divided up into three phases as standard:

  1. Planning stage
    In-depth advice from the Allreal planning team. Analysis of the current situation and definition of the framework conditions.

    Initial suggestions for design and planning solutions for the building project, including office layout design and plans for furniture, materials and colour schemes. Involvement of external specialists like lighting and sound insulation planners where required, with cost estimates to be provided initially.
  2. Project development stage
    Gathering of all details. Verification and optimisation of the concept to ensure economic viability, followed by updates to the schedules and costings. The Allreal Planning department draws up plans for the planning application and organises all the required documentation to be submitted.

    Upon conclusion of a works contract – in addition to the existing rental agreement – Allreal takes charge of the planning and execution of the building work whatever its scale and complexity and in compliance with the schedules, costings and agreed quality.
  3. Execution stage
    Creation of all the documentation required for the project, including schedules, specifications, detailed plans, models and designs along with the tender documents to be used for contractor tenders.

    Site managers coordinate contractors on the building site and monitor the quality of the work being performed. Once the building authorities have given their approval and the technical systems have been started up and checked, the property is handed over to the tenants.



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