Strubenacher, Zumikon ZH

At Strubenacher in Zumikon in the canton of Zurich, Allreal is planning a residential complex with a total of 19 terraced houses on a plot covering an area of around 4,500 square metres. These houses will be designed and sold as residential property. To develop the project, the company carried out a study contract involving four architecture firms. The judging panel unanimously recommended that the project should proceed on the basis of the plans submitted by the consortium Mathis Kamplade Architekten and Theres Hollenstein Architektur from Zurich. The design plan came into legal force at the end of June 2024. The building application has been submitted to the municipality and the legally binding building permit is expected in the second half of this year.

There are no sales documents as of yet. If you register your interest below, we’ll be happy to send you regular updates on the project.

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