Allreal continues to expand real estate portfolio

The Real Estate division covers investment real estate with a market value of over CHF 5 billion, with the portfolio continually being expanded. The aim is to achieve qualitative growth by adding more commercial and residential properties in Switzerland’s economic centres in line with the strategy. On this basis, the acquisition of suitable individual properties or whole property portfolios is considered on an ongoing basis.

Allreal looks for and acquires investment real estate that will optimally expand the existing portfolio. The focus is on properties in the economic centres of German-speaking Switzerland and Romandie.


Investment real estate profile

Through its Real Estate division, the company analyses properties that are for sale. The focus is on existing properties that are mainly for office or residential use and should ideally have development potential. Hotel properties and buildings mainly for retail use do not fit with the Group’s strategic direction.


Property value: Starting at CHF 20 million
Transaction types: Share deal or asset deal
Location: Focus on areas in and around major cities (Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich)



Do you have any questions for us or do you have a suitable property for sale? We can process transactions without delays or complications. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:


Alain Paratte
Head of Real Estate
Tel. +41 44 319 14 59

Romain Farcy
Head of Development and Acquisitions Romandie
Tel. +41 22 929 90 55