Benefits and terms of employment
Experience with prospects
At Allreal, it’s all about fair, long-term partnership. This is reflected, for example, in a high average length of service compared to the industry. However, the strengths lie not only in loyalty and experience, but also in the high level of personal competence of the teams. Supported by the breath of fresh air brought in by new colleagues. The organisation is constantly evolving through the interplay of experience and teamwork. 
Training is the name of the game
Allreal promotes talented individuals in a targeted and committed manner. Continuous training and development, on- and off-the-job learning, both internally and externally, are essential for all age groups and functions. Internal conferences, training courses and seminars such as project and site manager conferences, specialist lectures and language courses are also on the agenda and promote an inspiring exchange of knowledge among colleagues.

Fair wages and above-average social insurance benefits
As confirmed by an external equal pay analysis, Allreal pays all its full-time and part-time employees fairly and on a gender-neutral basis.

Other benefits:

  • Attractive pension arrangements: temporary contribution reductions, high interest rates, above-average pension benefits
  • Full payment of premiums for non-occupational accident insurance, supplementary accident insurance and daily sickness allowance insurance
  • Continued payment of full salary in the event of illness, accident or maternity leave for 16 weeks
  • Subsidised staff cafeteria at the headquarters at Glattpark
  • Tax-neutral expense allowance (for some positions)
Agile workplace concept and modern spaces
Allreal is committed to an agile workplace concept with personal workstations, collaborative work areas and quiet places to retreat. Every employee decides for themselves when, how and where they are able to work best, whether they are focused, inspired or in dialogue with others. Ergonomically height-adjustable desks and two screens support work, as do state-of-the-art laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
Hybrid working
We are delighted when employees come to the office and strengthen the team spirit in their day-to-day work. At the same time, we respect the desire to be able to work from home from time to time. Around 60% of our workforce currently take advantage of this opportunity, which is possible in almost all functions and can account for up to a third of our workload.
Is everything perfect? 
No, we accept that not everything at Allreal is perfect. But we work every day to evolve, adapt and continuously improve. To do this, we need input. And committed employees who actively contribute their concerns, ideas and suggestions for improvement. Group Management also discusses critical feedback, prioritises possible measures and publishes relevant progress.