Commercial property at Bellerivestrasse 36 – sparkling sustainability by Lake Zurich

Allreal is known for taking consistently good care of properties and making fundamental changes at just the right moment. That was certainly the strategy for the commercial property at Bellerivestrasse 36 in Zurich Seefeld. When leases were due to expire in 2021, it was the perfect opportunity to fully modernise the former Elektrowatt building after 50 years. And now the building has an attractive new look and has been upgraded to meet high sustainability standards. 

It’s a cold and wintry day in November. Just before the first tenants move into the building, work to install the solar power system and complete the tenant fit-out is almost finished at Bellerivestrasse 36. 

The interior work for La Prairie Group’s space is the furthest along. The global luxury skin care company will be the building’s main tenant, occupying around two thirds of the space. 

Other tenants – Marcuard Family Office, DZ Privatbank and Fertility Health Clinic – will be moving into the fully let property one by one over the spring and summer of 2024. 

It’s no coincidence that La Prairie Group is moving its global headquarters from Volketswil to Zurich Seefeld. The passion and dedication of the Allreal employees involved in the project are to thank for attracting such a renowned company. One of those employees is Stefan Hecker, a portfolio manager who has been responsible for the property for over a decade. He was convinced all along that the building needed a full renovation. When long-term tenant PartnerRe moved into the brand-new Allreal commercial property at Hardstrasse 301, it was the perfect opportunity to give the building at Bellerivestrasse 36 a new lease of life. 

“Considering its highly attractive location right by the lake, we knew that the future commercial property on Bellerivestrasse would need to be high-end across the board, ticking the boxes for appearance, building services and sustainability. In other words, everything a property needs to be exclusive and bring in plenty of income”, explains Stefan Hecker. 

La Prairie Group had been looking for a new head office that would meet high sustainability standards for a while. They were extremely enthusiastic from the moment they heard about the renovation work on Bellerivestrasse. “We’re absolutely delighted that we can provide our employees with such a lovely and modern workplace – whether they’re working in an office or lab setting. And our employees are so excited about moving in,” says Marius Dahler, Global Head of Real Estate at La Prairie Group, who is heading up the project.