Spiserstrasse project in Zurich making home ownership dreams come true

At a time when demand for residential property in urban centres is high, Allreal presents a project with more to offer than just its impressive architecture. It also addresses the urgent need for housing, which has been in short supply in Zurich for years. As part of its Spiserstrasse project, Allreal has also launched a digital platform that simplifies the sales process for everyone involved – buyers, sellers and customer support staff alike – thus improving the overall efficiency of the purchase process.

The golden autumn sun shines down on the colourful leaves that have fallen onto the pavement. The grey sky matches the colour of the wet ground and the steel beams. A cold breeze blows over the sheet piles. 

The construction pit is quite a sight – an almighty hole surrounded by concrete walls and piles of materials. It’s easy to picture the future Spiserstrasse complex in situ. The sound of the digger and crane working in perfect harmony is constant, while the hammering of machinery makes a melody with the wind’s whistle. The construction workers wrapped up in thick jackets leave footprints behind in the mud. 

Allreal has developed a new-build project on Spiserstrasse in Zurich Albisrieden, with apartments due to be available to buy and rent. The project was handed over to the realisation team in January 2023 and that’s when construction work began. The residential complex is scheduled for completion in 2025. Spiserstrasse will then be home to 100 new apartments, which are in high demand in the city. 

The new homes are being built in line with Minergie Eco standards. Solar power systems will be installed on the roof, with connection to the EWZ district heating network in the pipeline too. Allreal will be selling approximately 60 apartments as condominiums and completing the rental apartments for a third party.

The project has also brought with it a long-awaited launch. For the first time, the sales process for our new apartments is being managed using the company’s own ‘PIKA’ sales tool (read more in the report on ‘Customer support as the key to success’). This innovative approach highlights our technological prowess, while enabling us to make our sales process more efficient and user-friendly. PIKA represents an important milestone within the property industry, allowing us to promise our customers a modern and transparent buying experience.

PIKA: Internal tool developed to improve communication and provide an overview

There are so many decisions involved in buying a new apartment. And all kinds of permits and papers are required on all sides before everyone is happy. Imagine a buyer needs to approve the interior finishing of their new home. Until recently, Allreal would have sent them two copies of the printed documents in the post with a return envelope. The customer would then have signed one copy and posted it back to Allreal. It was a slow and inefficient process. 

And then the pandemic hit in 2020. Everyone was forced to work from home all of a sudden. Face-to-face contact with customers was no longer an option. “During this time, we became acutely aware of just how crucial it would be for us to have a digital platform in the future”, says Remo Küng, Head of Buyer Support at Allreal. “And so we developed an innovative digital solution that would make our communications with our customers more efficient and speed up the sales process.” 

Remo Küng worked hard with Raphael Brugger, Head of Digital Media, and Bruno Schelling, Internal Auditor, to perfect a solution. It took them four years to go from the initial spark of an idea to the finished product, PIKA. PIKA is an information platform for anyone buying residential property from Allreal.

“Decisions can be made so much more quickly now and documents can be signed electronically, so we can help people make their dream homes a reality even faster than before”, says Remo Küng. Allreal can use the new tool to make sure that updated versions of documents are accessible right away. Plus, it’s easy for customers to confirm their approval – such as for their choice of kitchen – in a matter of clicks. All documents can be accessed, updated and edited at any time. And notifications are sent when someone else uploads a document or a task needs to be completed. Users can see any new documents as soon as they log in. It’s hugely beneficial for everything to be so clear and all in one place.